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Imagine a potential home buyer or home seller who's frustrated with the housing market right now. Not hard to imagine. They're looking for information that will help them find a house to buy or sell a house for top dollar. Video is the answer to serving these buyers and sellers and keeping them engaged so they will choose you as their real estate agent. Let's look at what makes an outstanding video so you can boost your success as a real estate agent.




Creating a video to capture the attention of your real estate buyers and sellers can be simple and inexpensive. You simply need your phone and a well-lit room to record a video. Nothing fancy. Your goal is to engage your audience, so they become your clients. Be yourself, have fun, and be relatable. 


Grab Their Attention


Before you set out to make a video, determine how you can grab the attention of the real estate lead within the first 15-30 seconds. Create a catching title and description. Introduce your video with a fun GIF that runs on a loop on Facebook. The introduction could be surprising with suspenseful music. However you grab your audience's attention, make it impactful so they'll click to watch your video.  


  • Catching title and description
  • Funny introduction
  • Entertaining GIF on Facebook
  • Surprising topic
  • Jaw-dropping graphics

Did you hear the one about….? 😄

You’ll never believe this…. 😯

This trick will sell your house fast! 😲

A Realtor walks into a bar… 😆

House falls off trailer in Scappoose 😯 🧐 😭 I’ll make your move a lot easier than this!


TIP: If you're going live with a video, record it so you can share it across your social media channels and in emails as you nurture your leads.


What's the Problem


Your real estate video should solve a problem for your audience. Start by listing issues that home buyers and sellers are facing in today's marketplace. What are the most frequently asked questions you hear from home buyers and sellers? What are the hot real estate topics in the news? Interest rates, down payment assistance, how to earn the most money from the sale of your house, etc., are all excellent starting points when creating a video that grabs the attention of your viewers.


  • Buy now before home loan rates increase 
  • Less than 20% down payment and PMI
  • Making the most significant profit when selling a home
  • Selling a home and finding another to buy
  • If the home inspection reveals serious problems
  • If your appraisal comes in low


Keeping Your Audience's Attention


As you record your video, let the best parts of your personality shine. Your video will make a more remarkable impression, and more people will watch it in its entirety if it is valuable, entertaining, and compliments your style. At the beginning of your video, drop a teaser like, "Before the end of this video today, I'll share an incredible trick I learned to help you get more offers on your house. So, stay tuned 'til the end!"


  • Build trust
  • Add suspense
  • Entertain


Provide a Solution


When you address a home buyer or seller problem in a video, it's crucial to provide a solution. A home seller may be concerned about finding a house to buy if they sell theirs quickly. Have a solution prepared, and your viewers will feel confident that you're the best real estate agent for them. 


"I hear it all the time, 'How am I going to find a house to buy if I sell mine?' Wait 'til you hear my solution. You're going to love it! Let's dive in."


Possible Objections


In your video, address potential objections that you would hear from your real estate leads. When your video concerns paying less than 20% down but needing PMI, your lead might object to paying extra money to their mortgage lender each month. Be prepared to address this and other objections. As you reassure your leads that you have the solutions to their problems, they'll rely on you as their go-to real estate agent.


TIP: Look for comments and feedback on your videos. You'll get some great ideas for future videos and gain new leads!



Video is the best way to engage with your real estate leads, but you need to follow a formula. Grab the viewer's attention early in the video, state the problem, get creative to keep them engaged, always provide a solution, and address any objections. The forecast calls for many more lead conversions, thanks to your great real estate videos! Now get after it!


TIP: Check your video analytics to see how many viewers clicked and watched it, how many watched the whole video, at what point viewers left the video prematurely, and if the video was shared or watched more than once by the same viewer. Knowing this will help you create more impactful real estate lead nurturing videos in the future.


Janelle D.

I've worked in the real estate sector for more than a decade and enjoy sharing my knowledge on the subject and researching the latest trends. In my free time I like to craft, spend time with my family and dog, participate in outdoor activities like hiking, and I'm passionate about photography.

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