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Why should I use Reazo?

You spend a lot of time and money managing a marketing program that is meant to generate leads. As you gather these leads, you still need to qualify them. Effectively, what you have done is committed resources to grow your business. Purchasing leads from us helps you cut through the expense of failed marketing efforts, both in terms of time and money. What you get from us, are what you hope to get from your personal marketing system - pre-screened, verified, leads. Now you can spend your time closing deals, not managing your marketing plan. It's just like what you tell your clients - real estate is what you do full-time. Because of this, you will be able to stay abreast of market conditions, trends, and the legal landscape on a day to day basis. Your service allows them to live their life, to do what they do. You'll handle the details and help them navigate the waters of their transaction. We do the same. We are your marketing partner.

In today's marketing environment, consumers increasingly begin their purchases by gathering information. They feel more comfortable arming themselves before speaking with a salesperson. One of the first places they go to do this is the Internet. In fact, studies published by the Direct Marketer's Association have found that 92% of people shopping for real estate services will begin their search on the Internet. Because we spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per year optimizing our search engine rankings, our lead generation sites are very likely to come up when a consumer makes a request. Because we are positioned as an intermediary, someone not directly selling to the consumers, their resistance is lowered when we speak to them during our verification process. Consumers prefer working with a referred agent rather than one they reach blindly by calling on an advertisement. Then when they speak to us, they are informed that they will be referred to a specialist in their area. An interesting psychological fact occurs when the consumer is referred. In their mind, a professional, not a salesperson, is now serving them.

The difference is in our verification process. We have systems in place that wash the list of inquiries our marketing produces. This eliminates all the tire-kickers and disconnected phone numbers that other companies pass along as leads. The difference is quality. What would you rather have? Five verified leads that statistics show will result in one closed transaction, or 100 stale leads that YOU have to sort through in order to make one sale?

If you're saying that you have enough business and are not interested in growing, that's wonderful.

What we find when agents tell us this is that they are swamped. A major contributor to this feeling is that a significant amount of your time is committed to managing your marketing campaign and sorting through unqualified leads. Our feeling is that even though your broker provides you with leads, you are still doing some marketing on your own. The point of that marketing is to generate business. This is what we deliver. Verified leads that are delivered exclusively to you. We do the marketing, we do the verifying. You simply provide the real estate services and close the deals.

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If you're ready for human-verified leads, Reazo is ready to serve you. We pride ourselves on delivering leads to real estate agents who are passionate about nurturing leads throughout their journey, to help you fill your sales funnel and generate more referrals. If you're serious about making the difference in the lives of our buyer and seller leads, please join us today.