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Reazo Reviews and Testimonials


Reazo reviews and testimonials come directly from our outstanding real estate partners throughout the U.S. and Canada.

These kind words reflect the time and effort we put in to make sure we send only the highest quality leads possible to our customers.  We strive for superior customer service and make sure that our lines of communication are always open.

At Reazo, we know how hard you work for your money.  We want to ensure that your dollars work for you when investing in our real estate leads.  We are only as successful as the agents we partner with, and we welcome your feedback with open arms.

All of our real estate testimonials and reviews come directly from the experience of our real estate agents.


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Dayna M.


I cannot say enough about how excited I am to have Reazo as part of my team!

I am a busy mom with 5 kids and don't always have the time to prospect. The team is SUPER efficient, caring and readily available to assist. I will forever be with Reazo since they have not only changed my business, but has given me more time with my family and helped me create a financial future.

Mike M.

Reazo is the best lead generation provider I have used.  While I have used some other lead generation companies in the past, and they have even provided more leads, they have not been as good of leads as Reazo provides me with.  

The leads are more viable, the people are more open to follow up with and I have people who are actually interested in my assistance. I have closed two deals this year alone with leads from Reazo. The investment more than pays off!

Leah M.


Reazo is the leverage I needed to increase production and make sales. My pipeline is full of prospects that are actually talking with me, doing business with me, or have already done business with me.

Reazo has a lead replacement option so you can buy the leads and KNOW you have a fair shot vs. what other companies do like send leads that already have a Realtor. I have been burned by companies in the past.  Now I have the exclusive lead program and Reazo met every promise they made.  I feel Reazo is a solid stream of income for any Realtor. 

Ralph J. 


The team at Reazo has a totally positive attitude to tackling tasks, ongoing helpfulness and provide a stellar Customer Service experience! This is what makes Reazo unique beside the obvious benefit of attaining leads. 

This service is catapulting my business and taking me to the next level!  I highly recommend Reazo and it is definitely worth the investment. 


Robert M.


I've been an agent for over 40 years and I was astounded by the value that Reazo added to my business.  I received a steady flow of leads that allowed me to distribute them to my team.  Our ROI has been astounding and we value Reazo as one of our key sources for buyers and sellers. 

Sarah M.


Reazo is perfect for new or experienced agents! In the short time I've been with them, I have received seven leads, have already been able to get several of them pre-approved with local lenders and one is under contract and expected to close in 25 days.

Not only have I been pleased with the leads I am receiving but also with the customer service provided.  I strongly recommend using their services, it is 100% worth the investment!


Adam S.


The quality of the leads Reazo provides me are very good and ready to go.  The customer service is excellent and they respond to all calls and emails.  I look forward to continued success with Reazo!  

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