Sell Your House Faster: Ease of Access

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Sell Your House Faster: Ease of Access

When your home goes on the market, you want to sell it quickly. Your real estate agent is key to making sure a large number of potential buyers walk through your home, increasing the chances of a quick sale.  Your agent will provide showing instructions which outline how a buyer's agent can access your home to show the interior to potential buyers. If you and your agent make it convenient to show your home, you'll increase the likelihood of getting offers sooner rather than later. Let's look at a variety of ways you and your agent can provide access and which options are most favorable.


A lockbox is a locked box that contains a key to your home and can only be accessed by a licensed real estate agent.  Agents simply punch in a code on the lockbox keypad or, in some cases, using Bluetooth technology to unlock the box. With some digital lockboxes, access codes must be assigned to visitors and codes will expire after a certain period of time. Lockboxes are the most common and convenient way for real estate agents to gain access to your home. Talk to your real estate agent about the type of secure lockbox they'll use on your home.

Call for Showing

If you and your agent include "call for showing" in the contract, you're allowing agents to simply call before going to the house to show clients.  In other words, they don't have to give you much notice.  This makes it easy for buyers to view your home at any time and works especially well if the house is empty.  If you're living in the house and an agent wants to show it, you'll have a minimal amount of time to leave the house so it can be shown.  If you keep your house in showing condition, without out clutter or dirty surfaces, this will work in your favor.

By Appointment Only

Many sellers, who are still living in their home, want at least 24 hours notice of any showings. This allows the seller enough time to tidy up, take their pets off-site, and be away from the home while it's being shown. This can be inconvenient for potential buyers who are on a tight schedule or cannot wait 24 hours because they're only in town for a brief period. This may slow down the showing process and increase the number of days your home remains on the market.

Key Pick Up

Your agent may require the buyer's agent to stop by his/her office to pick up a key to your home. This can be an inconvenience to some agents especially if the office is a long distance from the agent's office or the home itself. Instead, consider having a lockbox put on your home for ease of access.

Restricted Viewing Hours

If it's difficult for a buyer's agent to show the home to clients because of showing restrictions (ex. "between 3pm-5pm, Mon.-Fri."), they may bypass it and head to the next home on their list. Be flexible with showing times to make it easier for your house to be viewed by a multitude of buyers and to improve the chances of quickly receiving offers.


When you're selling a home, make it as convenient as possible for agents to show your home to potential buyers. A lockbox is the most common way for real estate agents to provide access to your home but other options exist. Provide flexible showing times and keep your house tidy so it's easy for agents to show your home.  Sellers that make it easy for buyers to see the inside of their home increase the chances of selling it faster.

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