Housing Density in Your Neighborhood: Support or Oppose?

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Housing Density in Your Neighborhood: Support or Oppose?

New, dense housing developments crop up all the time and one may be coming to your neighborhood. These developments aren't always welcomed by members of the community, although some embrace them. Let's take a look at a recent study about housing density and who's in support or opposition.

Housing density is defined as the number of units in a given land area. Areas that were once considered rural may now be considered a thriving part of the city, and zoning restrictions may need to be updated to accommodate population growth. 5-acres sites that were once designated for 1 home may no longer serve the needs of the community. That's when proposals are made to turn them into housing for hundreds of people, not just 1 family.

An example oReazo_ Housing Density, 16 vs 43f a housing density proposal, from the area I live in, included an increase in residential density from 16 dwellings per acre to 43 per acre. Instead of single-family houses on large lots, my community is trying to find ways to build up (multiple stories) to get more out of the land we originally used for farming.  Although it can be a struggle for some to accept such a drastic change, additional housing is needed in the community.

In Support of Dense Housing

A recent study found that certain populations and age groups preferred housing density. Overall, 25% of the 3,000 surveyed support it. More specifically, those under the age of 25 and African American were most in favor of policies that support these developments. The study also revealed Latino and Asian Americans were more likely than white Americans to support housing density.

  • 39% of African Americans
  • 23% of White Americans
  • Latino and Asian Americans
  • 41% of those under 25 years old
In Opposition

Out of those surveyed, who bought or sold a home last year or plan to build in 12 months, they were twice as likely to oppose dense housing developments in their neighborhoods. 39% of African American respondents support policies that limit this type of growth. Minorities may be opposed to housing density because of gentrification that goes along with dense condo developments.

  • Recent home buyers
  • Recent home sellers
  • 39% of African Americans
  • 64% of those 65+ years old

Whether you support or oppose dense housing, it has become part of the landscape in many parts of the country. As the population grows, the need for more housing becomes paramount and dense housing proposals will continue to increase. When these developments are proposed, take time to review the policies and consider whether or not a dense housing development would work in your community. 

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