How to Find the Perfect Real Estate Agent for You

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How to Find the Perfect Real Estate Agent for You

Good things in this world are hard to find. The same can be said about professional real estate agents. Wherever you look, you will find plenty of real estate agents scattered around your area. 

If you’re buying or selling property the bottom line is that you need to hire a real estate agent that you can trust. Finding the best real estate agent for your personal needs does not have to be a major headache. Buying or selling a home can be a stressful process without the right real estate agent. You need an advocate that can help you to navigate the market easily for the best purchase or sale possible.

Below are some qualities you should look for in an agent, as well as questions that can lead you to your perfect agent. Use this information to help you find the best agent possible to make your real estate experience a success.

Can they communicate well?

The first important skill a real estate agent should posses is communication because they know it is the key to success. As such, the real estate agent you hire should possess exceptional communication skills. If real estate agents don’t reply to an email or call to provide updates to their clients, they show an unprofessional and uncaring attitude. If they do so, you should steer clear of them.

Does the agent listen to what you're saying?

Besides being able to impart the right information, a professional real estate agent listens to what their clients have to say. This is just as important as providing information. This is because unless they know what their clients want – done by listening – they cannot make the right recommendations or provide the right information.

Is the agent proactive?

Real estate is a time sensitive industry and it is important that the agent is aware of market conditions. This is why they need to be proactive and stay on top of the market. As such, if they provide their clients with the latest information, they are being proactive.

A proactive real estate will guide you about the pros and cons and ins and out about the area you are searching your home. As such, if your real estate agent doesn’t keep your informed with the latest market trends or changes, they are not the right choice.

Can the agent negotiate well? 

A real estate agent acts as a bridge between the buyer and seller. Thus negotiation is the key for real estate agents so that they may keep both parties happy. As such, select a real estate agent who knows how to negotiate well.

Does this agent have a good reputation?

Do some research online and learn about the agencies in your area. If they don’t have good reviews from previous clients, then you may want to look elsewhere for help. Having an established agent market your property will help you sell your property much faster in most cases

What is their staff like?

Are the folks that work with the agent knowledgeable? Do they know not only a properties’ features, but also its history. A real estate agent and their staff should also have knowledge of lending institutions, title companies, construction companies, inspectors and others you may have to call on during the buying or selling process.

Can you reach your agent when you need to? 

Your agent should be easy for you to reach, and they should be willing to answer any questions you may have. If your agent seems to be avoiding your calls, it might be a good idea to list with another agency instead.Buyers Beware!

Does the agent value honesty?

Word of mouth is still the best form of advertising. Ask around about any agents you’re interested in. Find out if they have a reputation for honesty, and if they don’t then you should leave that agency alone.  Since the work of a real estate agent is all about creating positive relations and referrals. As such, many real estate agents either lie or do not provide enough information. As such, if you feel your real estate agent is withholding information or lying to you, you should politely walk away. Remember, a professional real estate agent will be honest because they know that doing so will improve their word of mouth editing.

Are their credentials up to par?

Be sure to learn about your agent’s credentials before doing business. At a minimum they should be licensed in your state to be a real estate agent. Don’t be afraid to verify this with the agent or your state’s licensing board.

Is your agent moonlighting?

Choosing an agent who runs a real estate business on the side may not be your best bet. Agents who can’t devote adequate time to your needs or those of buyers interested in your home may spell trouble. Do yourself a favor and hire someone who makes real estate their career for more focused attention and better buying or selling experiences.

Will this agent represent you well?

Ultimately your agent is an extension of you and your family during the buying and selling process. You will want to hire an agent with good people skills who can negotiate in an acceptable way and keep their cool. You also want someone who promotes a professional image for themselves and values their personally integrity or honesty at all times.

What does their sales record look like?

Don’t be afraid to inquire about past sales either, having a positive past sales record and experiences is the sign of a great agent. Also ask for references from previous clients or speak to friends and family for recommendations as well. Sometimes word of mouth is a very powerful marketing tool that speaks for itself.

Do they know the housing market?

Look for an agent who understands your housing market. If you're selling, a smart, reliable agent will not automatically suggest you list your home for the highest possible price. They understand that you’ll attract more potential buyers if you price your home at a fair price for the market. If you're buying, find an agent that knows the neighborhood you want to live in. A realtor that really knows the neighborhoods will make your house hunt much easier. They’ll also be familiar enough with the market to let you know if the home you are interested in is at a fair asking price for the market.

What's their Website look like?

Find an agent with a good website. Many buyers are looking online first and an attractive website will draw in good clients. A good agent will take the time to create a helpful website to attract customers.

Will they work with you?

Look for an agent that is willing to put in the work. While many buyers are looking online first, a good agent knows that homes really sell through a lot of legwork. Your agent should be actively trying to get people to see your home. A helpful realtor will likely suggest an open house and offer tips for making your home more desirable to sellers. For buyers, an agent that helps you find homes within (or close to) your price range is your best friend. While an agent may show you homes that are slightly above your range (for options), be leery of an agent that constantly tries to show you homes that are significantly above what you want to pay.

In the end choosing a realty agent is a highly personal choice and you need to pick the best fit for you. Answering the questions above can help you to get a better picture of an agent though. This can help you to make smarter decisions and find the best agent for you. So take your time and consider these points, but don’t be afraid to interview your agent or to ask for references before getting started as well.

Buying or selling a home is an emotional and stressful experience. Choosing the right realtor will help ease the changing pains and makes your experience much more pleasant. 

Finding the best real estate agent to help you buy your new property or sell your current home is the key to less stress. 

Never Settle For Less.

Angela Lyons

Lover of all things marketing, horses, real estate, cats, and Montana. Not necessarily in that order!

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