Most Profitable Home Upgrades for Home Sellers

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Most Profitable Home Upgrades for Home Sellers

When shopping for a home what upgrades would make you most interested in a home? This is the consideration and point of view that can help us to figure out just what your buyer is looking for. Would you like more bathrooms, additional space, sound roofing, or a modern bath and kitchen? If you answered yes then you’d be among the majority of buyers on the market today. Let’s take a few minutes to explore some hot new upgrades that can have your home in the hands of a loving new owner in no time at all.

Additional Bathrooms or Space:

If your home has only one bathroom or maybe only a couple of bedrooms your might consider an addition. Adding a bedroom can be attractive for a growing family as can an additional bathroom when small children are in the house. This may allow more buyers to be attracted to an older home than if space is sparse. Yet it’s important to point out that adding a bathroom is often much more profitable than any other addition to a home.

Updated Appliances and Baths:

Updating the appliances in your kitchen can certainly help you to see a big payoff when selling your home. Buyers will see that maintenance has been kept up and that your home is in good condition. They will also be able to move in with confidence that the dishwasher or range will see them through at least a few good years. Other important updates are those in the bathroom. Replacing outdated or cracked sinks and tubs or badly worn fixtures can make a great deal of difference to your buyer. Another great trade up is installing a large shower stall in favor of a bath tub, which many homeowners don’t want these days. In fact a great option is a steam shower stall, the ultimate in shower luxury.

Basic Maintenance:

Maintenance will also render a large payoff when it comes time to sell your home. Patch that leaky roof, replace pipes that have cracked, or replace loose or worn flooring for better sales value. Buyers will always appreciate these details rather than having to eat up their hard earned savings for basic maintenance in the beginning. It will also help buyers to have far more confidence in the soundness of your home before they purchase.

Keep these tips in mind if you are thinking of selling your home to get a better sales value and increased buyer interest when your home does go on the market. Remember buyers won’t want to immediately begin paying for large amounts of maintenance so take care of those details before your house ever hits the market. Also inspect appliances or fixtures for wear and consider making an addition to your home for more space if you can for increased buyer interest as well. Following this simple guide can help you to get the best returns possible when it’s time to sell your home.

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