New 2020 Habits: Feel Powerful and Focused

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New 2020 Habits: Feel Powerful and Focused

Want to feel more powerful and focused in 2020? How great would it feel to go into the new year with a clean slate? Amazing, right?

Recently I listened to a podcast by Tom Ferry, a renowned real estate coach. He talked about end-of-the-year habits and moving into 2020 with a clean slate. It left me wondering what I needed to clean up before 2019 ran out so I could move into the new decade with renewed purpose and drive. Let's take a look at some of the points he made that could help you and I feel more focused and driven in 2020.

Incomplete Loops

I had never thought about incomplete projects (or interactions) as incomplete loops but appreciated Tom's way of expressing this common habit of not finishing things. What did you start and not finish in 2019? What did you intend to start but never got to it?

  • Finish painting the hallway
  • Make a followup appointment with your doctor
  • Start using Instagram more to market your business
  • Getting in touch with your real estate agent so you can sell your house in 2020
  • Talk to that friend/relative/co-worker about a situation that was never resolved or you feel needs closure
  • Reaching out to a friend or relative to let them know how much they mean to you

Imagine how refreshed and in charge you'll feel by closing these loops, these unfinished goals from 2019. You'll be able to head into the new year without feeling burdened by the past.

What Worked, What Did Not

Whether you're looking at your life from a personal or business perspective, it's worth taking some time to evaluate what worked and what didn't work in 2019. Maybe you've been putting off buying or selling a house because you've never done it before and you feel unsure and scared. Take action by calling your real estate agent today; move into 2020 with positive momentum knowing you're going to buy/sell.

If you discovered Facebook ads helped you get more business in 2020, continue to use this platform and find ways to make it even more profitable. Take action to boost your winning habits and avoid putting off decisions that will drag you down in 2020.

"The thing that stops people from changing their life or growing their business is the fact that they just can't make a decision."  Brian Tracey

How will lack of decision negatively impact you? Less enjoyable business life? Negative impact on your family? Depression? Find that one project that lingers and overwhelms you, and work to complete it before the new year.

I remember struggling in college because of a really challenging class. I would work on all of my other courses before begrudgingly tackling this difficult class. My procrastination left me feeling worse about the class (and my grades). When I started challenging myself to get this difficult course work out of the way first, I felt relieved and looked forward to moving onto the other, easier course assignments. No matter how many projects you've got on your plate, get the most difficult one out of the way first so you can breeze through the others.  Your life will be so much sweeter.

Failure Leads To Success

Each and everyone of us is going to fail at some point, but that's how we grow and become wiser. Tony Robbins, a motivational speaker, expressed it well when he said there is no such thing as failure, only results. I challenge you to succeed in 2020 by thinking of failures as opportunities to get it right.  Keep trying until you find a way to make it work.

denis-agati--5Vl9oimYlU-unsplashPhotos From 2019

I was surprised to hear Tom suggest looking back at photos from 2019. Photos can help remind us of forgotten memories and successes. Remember the sea turtles you saw on vacation? What about the birth of your best friend's first child? Remember the unexpected snowstorm in March and how much fun you had sledding in the park? Your photos reflect ordinary and extraordinary parts of your life, special moments captured in time. Cherish these positive images and focus on creating more in 2020.


Start 2020 with a clean slate by closing loops from 2019. Finish projects, talk to your friends and family about unresolved issues, and go through your photos from 2019 to relive the good times. Imagine heading into 2020 feeling unstuck and free to move into greatness. 2020 is going to be an amazing year for you!

"Make time to make decisions." Tom Ferry

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