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Solutions For Homes That Aren't Selling

You have a great real estate agent but your house has been sitting on the market for months, without any offers or very few. If you're looking for ways to get more interest in your home, there are options your agent may or may not have considered. Take a look at these solutions to help attract more interest and sell your home.

If your home been for sale for quite some time, it might be time to take a new approach. Maybe your home sits empty, is out-of-date, or your agent has run out of marketing ideas. Whatever the reason, there are options for getting more buyers interested in your home.

Marketing Through Social Media

Social media marketing can draw a lot of interest to your home but only if your agent is targeting the correct demographic. Is your home in an older neighborhood but attractive to young families? Located in a retirement community? No matter the type of community or the age of the homeowner, your agent should be using the correct SEO to attract the right buyer. Don't hesitate to ask your agent to demonstrate how they're marketing to the demographic who will be most interested in your house and neighborhood.

  • Live Facebook broadcast (ex. just listed announcement; open house party; new pool)
  • Instagram stories highlighting features in your home (ex. large master suite; remodeled kitchen; walk-in closet)
  • Tweets (ex. new home coming soon, open house, video from the open house)
Open Houses

These days, open houses aren't always favored because many of the visitors are curious neighbors not serious buyers. On the other hand, a well-marketed, themed open house can attract a lot of attention without costing a lot of money.  Even if your agent has already hosted an open house, it might be beneficial to use some of the following ideas and host another one: 

  • Family neighborhood: ice cream truck, finger food, games in the yard, coloring books and crayons (with agent branding and info about your home)
  • Young, up-and-coming neighborhood:  live music, modern staging, technology, technology, technology (ex. Nest system; listing displayed on tv screen with slideshow of photos; virtual reality goggles)
  • Retirement community:  elegant staging, mimosas, high-end catering (ex. appetizers)
  • "Social media crawl": numerous homes are marketed together on social media and open houses are scheduled during the same block of time (ex. 6pm - 8pm).  Visitors go from one house to the next until all homes have been seen.
  • Feature a multi-house, progressive dinner: appetizers at one house, main dishes at the next, and dessert at the last home on the tour

The possibilities are endless and prices can range from $100's to $1000's. Talk to your agent about themed open houses they've hosted in the past and discuss how they could be used to generate more interest in your home.

Virtual Staging

Staging a home can make the difference between your home sitting on the market for far too long or selling quickly. Keep in mind, many potential buyers can't visualize what an empty house would look like with their furniture, or furniture in general. That's where staging comes in. Your agent can bring in a professional stager who will add appealing furniture and accessories to help attract and impress buyers. Suddenly buyers can connect with the home and see themselves living there.

It will cost extra to have your home staged, but it may save your house from sitting on the market for months, essentially saving you money (ex. monthly mortgage and utility payments). If the cost of professional stager doesn't work within your budget, ask your agent to consider virtual staging. Virtual staging adds images of furniture to existing home photos and looks incredibly realistic. Virtual photos can then be used to market your home, especially on social media and mailers/flyers, giving buyers a better idea of what the house would look like when furnished.

You might wonder what's wrong with using your own furniture.  Depending on the condition of your furniture, it might not be enough to visually engage buyers. For example, seeing older brown furniture and antique tables could turn off buyers. You might see perfectly fine furniture, but they see a tired couch and old tables. Talk to your real estate agent about staging your home or bringing in some elements to compliment your existing furniture. Once the home's staged, your listing agent can post new photos on the MLS and social media to stir interest.

Virtual Renovation

If you're selling a home that's in need of a renovation, but don't have the funds to remodel, a virtual renovation may be a good option.  This is like giving potential buyers a before-and-after preview (think HGTV makeover).  Imagine your outdated home with modern furniture, new paint, modern finishes and lighting, without remodeling -- that's what a virtual renovation can provide. To improve the chances of selling your home faster, talk to your agent about a virtual renovation and give buyers a sneak peak of your home's potential.

Take It Off The Market and Re-List It

If the buying season is coming to a close, or if your home has been on the market for a long time, your agent might recommend pulling it off the market and relisting when the next buying season comes around. If you aren't in a hurry to sell, this may be your best option. While it's off the market, you might choose to research different agents, including those your friends and neighbors have used to sell their homes. Also, you might upgrade a few things, like lighting and paint, so the house shows better when the time comes to relist. New photos, a new pool of potential buyers, and a new list price may be enough to get your house under contract quickly.

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When your house has been sitting on the market for a long time, without much interest, try some new tactics to stimulate buyer interest.  Whether you choose to do more social media marketing, host a fabulous open house, or even pull it off of the market and re-list it, you're improving the chances of attracting the ideal buyer.  Don't hesitate to talk to your real estate agent today, about trying some of the solutions listed above, and you could see the status of your house going from "for sale" to "under contract".  

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