Spring Flowers Bring Value to Homes

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Spring Flowers Bring Value to Homes

Spring flowers bring so much color to gardens and can increase the value of homes. When you drive by homes with colorful, well-tended gardens, and colorful planters, they catch your attention. Yards void of flowers don't get a second glance. Why not add some colorful blooms to help your home stand out, whether you're putting your house on the market or not.

Think about what you love about the gardens and planters around your neighborhood or those you've seen online. Take pictures or write down your favorite plants.  Consider flowers of all heights and colors and get ready to create a garden display that will surely attract a lot of attention.  Let's get started.

Annuals vs. Perennials

Annuals will only last for the season while perennials will return year after year. Annuals are a favorite for hanging baskets and patio planters. Marigolds, zinnia, petunias, begonias, and geraniums are examples of annuals that will add a punch of color to the outside of your home. Talk to your local garden nursery to learn more about which annuals prefer sun and which prefer shade.

Perennials are a favorite of mine because you can plant them and forget them. They return each year without any effort. Here in the north, we love seeing flowering bulbs pop up as the snow melts away. Shortly thereafter, we witness the beauty of flowering perennials like columbine, Japanese anemones, hosta, and more.

Flowering bushes are also a great way to add color to your garden without much effort. Azaleas are a true favorite with bright blooms up to 2x per year, depending on where you live. Others options might include oleander, hydrangea, and weigela. Once you plant them and get them established, have them trimmed annually to maintain a manageable size and uniform shape.

Plants or SColorful blooms will bring the exterior of your home to life and attract potential buyerseeds

If you don't want to purchase mature plants from a garden nursery, consider growing them from seed. You can buy seeds for a low price, start them indoors, then move them outside when temperatures have warmed up.

If you don't want have the patience for seedlings, go to the nursery and pick out your favorite mature flowers. You can buy individual plants or planters and hanging baskets already stocked with a variety of flowers.

Whether you grow them yourself or buy plants, consider a variety of colors and heights. Place taller plants at the back or middle of containers. Place hanging plants (ex. wave petunias) around the edge then fill the remaining space with medium height flowers. Your plants will surely grab the attention of passerby's.

DIY or Professional Garden

When adding flowers to your garden, you can design it yourself or hire a professional. A professional can provide a design layout which includes the exact placement of flowers, shrubs and trees. In some cases, you can purchase gardening designs from the pro and then purchase plants on your own, adding them to your garden in stages. This is a great way to save money but get professional results.

If you're designing your gardens and having a hard time coming up with a plan, consider matching the design of attractive neighborhood gardens or layouts you've found online. Take time to learn about which plants prefer sun vs. shade, moist or dry soil, and which plants thrive in your climate.


The colors and design of the gardens around your home can have a major impact on people driving by your home, whether your home is on the market or not. Start by deciding if you want to start seeds indoors or go to the local nursery to find mature plants. Make a plan for the design of your garden and containers then buy plants of varying colors and sizes. Fill containers, hanging planters and your gardens will glorious color then sit back and enjoy -- the perceived value of your home just went up.


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