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Purchasing New Construction During a Pandemic

By | on 23, Apr 2020 |   Buying

For those looking to buy a home during or after the COVID-19 pandemic, new construction may be one of the best options. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Secu[...]

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Can’t Find a House to Buy? The Silver Tsunami May Save the Day

By | on 04, May 2020 |   Buying

  You’ve saved for a down payment but cannot find a house to buy. What are you supposed to do now? A  housing solution is beginning to surface and you just need to ride the wave... The Silver Tsunami [...]

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Does It Pay To Shop Around For a Mortgage When Buying a House? YES!

By | on 13, May 2020 |   Buying

When you’re thinking about buying a house and you need a mortgage, you might want to do some comparison shopping. Why? Because you could save tens of thousands of dollars. That’s right -- imagine savi[...]

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Home Buyers Prepare to Buy While Staying At Home

By | on 18, May 2020 |   Buying

Despite the fact that many of us are still isolating at home due to the coronavirus, now is a good time to gather the documents you'll need as you prepare to buy a house.  By taking time to do the nec[...]

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Home Office Desk Trends

By | on 26, May 2020 |   Buying Selling

Working from home leads to creating a space that reflects your personality and that includes a desk that fits your style. Whether you like simply, classic, flashy or modern, there's a desk styles avai[...]

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What You Need to Know About Buying a House With a FHA Loan

By | on 01, Jun 2020 |   Buying

If you’re a first-time homebuyer with a low credit score who’s looking to get financing, a FHA loan may be an ideal fit. This type of loan requires a lower down payment than many conventional loans bu[...]

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Time For a Swimming Pool?

By | on 03, Jun 2020 |   Buying Selling

There comes a time when you realize you cannot live without a swimming pool. Regardless of the region you live in, a pool is a great addition to any backyard.  Before you call your neighbor's pool guy[...]

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Buying a House With Bad Credit

By | on 29, Jun 2020 |   Buying

You and your family have been renting for years, paying $2000/mo., and want to buy your first home but have bad credit. Can you buy a house with bad credit? Yes. Let's look at a mortgage option that c[...]

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4th of July Yard Fix-Up Impresses Neighbors

By | on 01, Jul 2020 |   Buying Selling

If you've got time off for the 4th of July, consider spending some of it sprucing up your yard. Some trimming, new flowers, and tidying up will add new life to your yard. If you want to enjoy your yar[...]

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No Open Houses? Videos Options Are a Powerful Alternative

By | on 02, Jul 2020 |   Buying

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, open houses are either limited or nonexistent. This is for the safety of everyone involved but how do you decide on a house when you can't see the inside? Fortunately,[...]

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