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7 Ways to Finance a Home

By | on 02, Dec 2019 |   Buying Financing EditorsPicks

Most of us are unable to buy a home with cash so we explore mortgage options. According to U.S. census, 63% of Americans have a mortgage which is gradually paid off as they live in the home. As you pr[...]

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Preparing to Sell Your Home Following the Pandemic

By | on 15, Jun 2020 |   Selling EditorsPicks

Despite the pandemic, there are plenty of homeowners who are ready to sell but preparing to do so looks a bit different these days. To attract homebuyers, yet keep them at a safe physical distance, wi[...]

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6 Ways Home Buyers Win Bidding Wars

By | on 17, Sep 2020 |   Buying MostPopular EditorsPicks

Have you ever tried to buy a home and found yourself in a bidding war? Suddenly you’ve got to come up with your best possible offer to beat the other offers. It's so deflating when your offer doesn't [...]

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House Payments For Less Than Rent

By | on 09, Nov 2020 |   Buying EditorsPicks

Do you ever go to bed at night wondering if you’ll ever be able to afford a house? Did you know your house payment could be less than what you're paying for rent each month? With interest rates being [...]

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Moving to the Suburbs: Unexpected Surprises

By | on 08, Dec 2020 |   Buying EditorsPicks

You decided that moving to the suburbs will give you a lot more space, a big garden to promote healthy eating, more time enjoying nature, etc.  All of that may have been true for those who left the ci[...]

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Skipping a Home Inspection Could Cost You $1000's

By | on 09, Apr 2021 |   Selling EditorsPicks Home Inspection

The offer you made on a home has been accepted and now you need to decide if a home inspection is necessary.  Overall, the house may appear to be in good condition and you can always fix problems as t[...]

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