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Reazo's Top 3 Blog Articles From 2019

By | on 06, Jan 2020 |   Buying Selling Financing

2019 was a big year for Reazo and we're grateful for all of our blog followers. We write about everything from buying/selling/renting a home to septic tanks and design elements. Out of all of the arti[...]

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New 2020 Habits: Feel Powerful and Focused

By | on 24, Jan 2020 |   Buying Selling Financing

Want to feel more powerful and focused in 2020? How great would it feel to go into the new year with a clean slate? Amazing, right?

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Top Tax Deductions For Home Buyers

By | on 19, Feb 2020 |   Buying Financing

When it comes to preparing taxes, it doesn't bring up good feelings for many.  Knowing you can deduct some of your expenses related to owning a home makes the process seem much more positive. 

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4 Ways to Save on Your Energy Bill While Working From Home

By | on 02, Apr 2020 |   Buying Selling Financing

Many of us are working from home or staying at home with our kids because of the coronavirus, and that can mean a higher energy bill. As we shelter-in-place, we are going to consume more energy in the[...]

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Saving Money So You're Prepared For Tough Economic Times

By | on 12, Jun 2020 |   Financing

Having a good chunk of money saved can help you manage finances during tough times, and saving money doesn't have to be an arduous process. A little bit of common sense and small sacrifices may be all[...]

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Inspire Positivity in Yourself

By | on 11, Sep 2020 |   Buying Selling Financing

Would you like to feel more focused and positive today? Recently, I watched a video which discussed how to create a positive mindset. It inspired me so much that I thought I would share some highlight[...]

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Buying a House When Rates Are Low, Demand is High

By | on 15, Oct 2020 |   Buying Financing

As we continue to live in a time when mortgage rates are extremely low, buying a house is high on the priority list for many people.  What happens when rates are low but buyer demand is high? Is housi[...]

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Rent Prices Dropping As a Result of the Pandemic

By | on 19, Jan 2021 |   Buying Financing

Do you feel like you’re paying too much for rent?  Before I purchased a house, I felt like I was overpaying for my small apartment but didn’t have many options for lower rent.  Nearly a year into the [...]

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5 Low Down Payment Loan Assistance Options For Home Buyers

By | on 18, Feb 2021 |   Buying Financing MostPopular

If you're thinking about buying a home but are worried about coming up with enough money for the down payment, you might want to consider down payment assistance programs. These programs can provide t[...]

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Debt-to-Income Ratio When Applying for a Mortgage

By | on 20, Apr 2021 |   Financing Mortgage

Are you thinking about buying a home and need to apply for a mortgage? Before you can get approved for a mortgage, you'll need to get familiar with your debt to income ratio (DTI). This mortgage term [...]

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