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The Home Seller's Bible

By | on 28, Feb 2019 |   Selling MostPopular

Table Of Contents What You Need To Know Before Selling Your Home Finding A Real Estate Agent and Home Inspector Preparing Your Home For Market Pricing Your Home Marketing Your Home Receiving and Accep[...]

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The Insider's Guide to Home Finance

By | on 18, Mar 2019 |   Buying Financing MostPopular

Table Of Contents Introduction to Home Finance Can I Afford to Buy a Home? Mortgage Benefits of Being a First-Time Home Buyer Getting Your Finances in Order Lender Criteria Ways to Finance a Home Down[...]

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How Your Real Estate Offer Can Rise Above a Backup Offer

By | on 15, May 2019 |   Buying MostPopular Home Offer

You've submitted an offer on your first home and can't wait to get to closing so you can move in. Then, your real estate agent tells you the seller has received a backup offer. What is a backup offer [...]

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What You Must Know If You Buy a House With a Septic System

By | on 27, Jun 2019 |   Buying MostPopular Septic Tank

If you haven't lived on a property with a septic system, you might be surprised to learn there are steps which need to be taken to maintain the tank and there are things to avoid. When your home is ho[...]

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Why You Can't Find a House to Buy & What to Do About It

By | on 29, Aug 2019 |   Buying MostPopular

Are you a first-time homebuyer struggling to find a home to purchase? Maybe the home you were interested in sold before you had a chance to make an offer. Maybe you've made an offer on a house, but yo[...]

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6 Ways Home Buyers Win Bidding Wars

By | on 17, Sep 2020 |   Buying MostPopular EditorsPicks

Have you ever tried to buy a home and found yourself in a bidding war? Suddenly you’ve got to come up with your best possible offer to beat the other offers. It's so deflating when your offer doesn't [...]

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5 Low Down Payment Loan Assistance Options For Home Buyers

By | on 18, Feb 2021 |   Buying Financing MostPopular

If you're thinking about buying a home but are worried about coming up with enough money for the down payment, you might want to consider down payment assistance programs. These programs can provide t[...]

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Is It Safe to Attend An Open House Today?

By | on 10, Mar 2021 |   Buying Selling MostPopular

With the pandemic continuing to persist, is it ok to attend an open house today?  New CDC (U.S. Centers For Disease Control) guidelines are giving us hope of returning to some sense of normalcy in the[...]

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