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Post-Winter Lawn Tips That Sell Homes

By | on 03, Apr 2019 |   Selling

Preparing to sell a home, after a long winter, includes getting the lawn in tip top shape. With a limited amount of work, and the following spring lawn care basics, your property will stand out and le[...]

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Home Equity Could Buy Your Next Home

By | on 12, Apr 2019 |   Buying Selling Financing

When you're preparing to sell your home, knowing how much equity you have can make your next home purchase that much easier. Imagine being able to use equity to pay off your current mortgage and have [...]

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Introducing Reazo for Home Buyers & Sellers

By | on 24, Apr 2019 |   Buying Selling Financing has launched, enabling future home buyers and sellers to become the real estate experts. Created by Clienthub, a software technology and lead generation company, Reazo is designed to empower[...]

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Want to Sell Your Home Fast?  Stage It!

By | on 26, Apr 2019 |   Selling

To increase the chances of your home selling quickly and for more money, consider staging your home. Staging makes your home more appealing, it's  easier for buyers to envision themselves living in yo[...]

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Home Inspectors Aren't Afraid of the Truth, Sellers Shouldn't Be Either

By | on 02, May 2019 |   Selling

You visit your real estate agent as you prepare to put your house on the market.  You're surprised to hear your agent wants you to schedule a home inspection. Why would you need to hire an inspector w[...]

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Spring Flowers Bring Value to Homes

By | on 07, May 2019 |   Selling

Spring flowers bring so much color to gardens and can increase the value of homes. When you drive by homes with colorful, well-tended gardens, and colorful planters, they catch your attention. Yards v[...]

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Portable Moving Containers: Storage On The Go

By | on 13, May 2019 |   Buying Selling

When the time comes to buy or sell a home, portable moving containers can make the move much easier. Having a container delivered to your home, allowing you to load it at your leisure, then having it [...]

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Sell Your House Faster: Ease of Access

By | on 15, May 2019 |   Selling

When your home goes on the market, you want to sell it quickly. Your real estate agent is key to making sure a large number of potential buyers walk through your home, increasing the chances of a quic[...]

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5 Ways To Save On Your Next Home, Using a Discount Real Estate Agent

By | on 22, May 2019 |   Buying Selling

As you prepare to buy or sell a house, you'll want to discuss the percentage of commission your real estate agent charges and other fees. Did you know you can get a discount on traditional real estate[...]

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Does Your Perception of Your Home's Value Need a Price Check?

By | on 10, Jun 2019 |   Selling

If you're thinking about selling your house, you probably have an idea of what price you would like to get for it.  Would an appraiser agree with your price tag? Could your estimate be low?  High?  Ul[...]

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