The Simplest Approach to Remodeling Your Home

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The Simplest Approach to Remodeling Your Home

Whether you're updating a newly purchased home or preparing to put your home on the market, home improvement and remodeling projects can add value to your home in the form of equity or resale value. You might choose to paint the interior walls, remodel the kitchen, do-it-yourself or hire professionals.  Whatever area of the house you choose to improve, these tips will prove helpful.  

Picture It

When you're ready to remodel your house, focus on one room and find inspirational images online. Sites like Pinterest and Instagram can provide you with beautiful images.  You might get ideas on wall color, furniture, accessories, layout and more. The images will help you fine tune what you want in a room, including the overall feel.  Online images can really motivate you to take on a remodeling project.


Figure out a budget and whether or not you'll need the help of a professional to make your remodel come to life. Some projects might be affordable and easy to tackle, like painting a bedroom, while others will require the help of a professional who can outline the costs. For example, if you plan on tearing out your kitchen and remodeling, consult with a professional. You may be able to hang cabinets but what about measuring and designing the space so the cabinets fit like a glove and are functional? By getting professional help on a the layout and measurements, you can rest easy knowing the cabinets will fit properly in the space. Money spent on a professional, even if it's just a consultation, can save you from going over budget on larger remodeling projects.


Gather your supplies. There's nothing like starting a project only to learn you're short one box of tile or one sheet of drywall. If you're DIY'ing a project, talk to your local hardware store, or wherever you're buying supplies, about what you'll need to complete your project so you won't have to make a return trip for forgotten supplies.

Apps for DIY'ers  Reazo-  Building Permit

Consider taking advantage of home improvement apps which will make it easier to plan, organize, and budget most any home improvement project. If you need a level or plumb bob, there's an app for that. Trying to measure the square footage of a room or wall space? Wondering what a certain paint color would look like in your dining room? Want to look at an overhead layout of your livingroom to see if the new furniture will fit? There are apps for all of this, and they can make your home improvement or DIY project much more enjoyable.


No matter which home project you wish to take on, make sure to plan ahead and establish a budget. If you're DIY'ing a large project, consider consulting with a professional to ensure you know what you're getting into and how much it will cost. You might even consider a contractor who will let you tackle the smaller parts of the project (ex. painting) while he/she works on the major stuff (ex. plumbing). Download images from Pinterest and utilize apps to make your remodeling project easier to visualize and complete. Whatever home project you decide to tackle, we hope it brings great value to your home whether you decide to sell or stay.  Consider talking to your real estate agent to see how much of a return you can get from a remodel in your neighborhood.


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