Thinking About Switching Real Estate Agents?

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Thinking About Switching Real Estate Agents?

Whether you're buying or selling a house, you want a real estate agent who works hard to make your experience a positive one. As a seller, you want a pro-active agent who knows how to market your home, attract broker and buyer interest, and is a great communicator. As a buyer, you want an agent who works especially hard to find you the newest listings in your price range. Unfortunately, what we thought we were getting when we hired an agent, might not be what we ultimately received. Let's look at reasons why you should switch real estate agents.

  • Few buyers visiting your home
  • Lack of communication
  • Excuses
  • Dishonesty
  • Lack of experience
  • Too busy with other clients

  • Lack of communication
  • Agent only shows you houses outside of your price range
  • Dishonesty
  • Lack of experience
  • You find listings to visit more often than your agent
  • Too busy to make time for you
  • No personal connection

No matter if you're a buyer or a seller, if your agent is dishonest, an ineffective communicator, lacks experience, is difficult to get ahold of, or you simply don't have a strong connection with them, it's time to move on.




There are a lot of talented, experienced real estate agents in your community. Talk to neighbors, friends and family about who they've worked with and why they liked their agent. You might consider looking at online reviews too. Once you've found a couple of agents who could be a good match, set up interviews. As you speak to each agent, be clear about your timeline and what you expect from them. The way they respond and react to your questions may be enough to sway you in favor of one agent over another.

If you're trying to sell your home, consider finding an agent who works on a team. Agents who are part of a team can typically offer more support and communication. Teams often include multiple agents, a marketing team, and assistants. Some teams even have what's called a client care concierge -- talk about meeting your needs and expectations!

As a seller, you will most likely be committed to a contract for a certain time period. At least 30 days before a 90-day contract expires (or whatever timeline your contract states), let the agent know you do not want to renew. If you choose to let the contract expire, your home will be taken off the market. After you've found a new agent, you can relist and let buyers see your home through new eyes (and 0 days on the market vs. 90+ days).

As a buyer, look for a real estate agent who is genuinely concerned with finding you a home vs. earning a big commission check. Also, focus on finding an agent who has recently sold homes in your ideal neighborhood. The more they know about the neighborhood, the better your chance of finding a home. If the first couple of homes don't seem like a good fit, let the agent know. A good agent will take the time to reassess your needs and move forward in the right direction.


Finding a real estate agent who meets your needs is essential, whether you're buying or selling a home. If you find that your agent isn't a good fit, move on to someone else. Don't hesitate to ask friends and family who they enjoyed working with and then begin interviewing agents. An agent who is honest, readily available, and comfortable to work with can make all of the difference in your home buying or selling experience. Get out there and start seeking out an agent who meets your criteria. You'll be glad you did!

Janelle D.

I've worked in the real estate sector for more than a decade and enjoy sharing my knowledge on the subject and researching the latest trends. In my free time I like to craft, spend time with my family and dog, participate in outdoor activities like hiking, and I'm passionate about photography.

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