Tiny Home Solution During COVID-19

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Tiny Home Solution During COVID-19

The obsession with tiny homes continues amid the COVID-19 pandemic and it might be an ideal solution for your next home or office.  The popularity of tiny homes has steadily increased over the last few years and has become an option for many who want their own home at an affordable price.

Affordable Living

While many first-time home buyers scramble to find an affordable home during a time when houses are priced high and sell fast, tiny home purchases are growing in popularity.  In many cases you can purchase a tiny home with the money you’ve already saved for a down payment.  You can have a tiny home built or peruse the previously owned options (tip: search by state).  79% from a recent survey indicated they would buy or finance a tiny home instead of buying a traditional starter home.

79%, from a recent survey, indicated they would buy or finance a tiny home instead of buying a traditional starter home



Most tiny homes are built to be highly efficient including the HVAC systems/appliances/lighting, solar power, triple glazed windows, and a high R-factor (insulation).  Talk to the builder or seller to determine how energy efficient the tiny home is before purchasing.

Extra Space

It’s not unusual for most people to admit that it’s been difficult working from home and feeling overwhelmed by the togetherness amid the pandemic.  A tiny home can provide extra space for an office or a full-blown getaway from the chaos of home life.  For the professionals who don’t feel comfortable meeting clients in their home, something they did pre-COVID, tiny homes provide a professional space that can easily be disinfected after a client visit.  Others are using their tiny home as an investment property and earning secondary income (restricted in some states).

IMG_7707Mobile Living

If you work from home and have the flexibility to live wherever you want, a tiny home is an ideal solution.  Imagine working near a national park or in a wooded area miles from the city.  You can move your tiny home just about anywhere because it’s on wheels.  You can even look up areas where you can park your tiny home, whether it’s in a tiny home community, in the wilderness, or an RV site.   

(Some tiny home even feature climbing walls!)


If you’re looking for your first home, a professional space, or a getaway from the pandemic, a tiny home is a great option.  You can have it built or purchase a used model and save money.  Look for energy efficient models to get the most bang for your buck.  Don’t forget to make sure you have a place to park your tiny home that conforms to local regulations and zoning laws.  We hope you’ll consider a tiny home and start enjoying a much simpler life!

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