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Experience all that St. Louis has to offer by visiting the National Blues Museum, the Gateway Arch, a Cardinals baseball game, breweries, and so much more! 

Welcome to St. Louis!


Welcome to St. Louis in the midwestern U.S.!  Enjoy the friendly locals, breweries, barbecues, sports, botanical gardens, top-rated restaurants and bars, and more.  Let's explore the many attractions!

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World's Tallest Arch Gateway Arch National Park

Enjoy the Arch From Up High and Down Low

The St. Louis Arch is a destination for all who visit the city.  The arch is the America's tallest monument and was completed in 1965.  It was created by Eero Saarinen, a renowned architect, and features over 200 years of St. Louis history.  

Take a 63-story tram ride to the top of the St. Louis Arch and enjoy exhilarating views stretching 30 miles to the east and west.  Please purchase your tram tickets ahead of your visit.

The Museum at the Gateway Arch is free to experience.  At the museum, you'll learn about the founding of St. Louis in 1764, exploration by Lewis and Clark, steamboats that traveled the Mississippi River and transformed St. Louis, and much more.

  • Museum
  • 30-Mile Views
  • 63 Stories High
  • 6 Themed Galleries
  • 43,000 Tons of Concrete & Steel

Getting Around St. Louis




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One of a Kind National Blues Museum

Preserving the Legacy of Blues Music

When you visit St. Louis, head downtown and explore the National Blues Museum, the only museum dedicated to Blues history and its legacy. Learn how the Blues originated in the Deep South and shaped the American music industry. 

While you're in the area, you can visit nearby Blues restaurants and bars, where you'll enjoy lively Blues music and delicious food and beverages.

  • Gift Shop
  • Artifact Exhibits
  • Live Performances
  • Interactive Galleries
  • Technological Exhibits
  • State-Of-The-Art Theater

You'll Love it Here

Buying a Home

If you dream of living in St. Louis, let's make it happen!

Explore many housing options, from single-family homes to condos and townhouses to highrises. Whether you want to live in the city or the suburbs, St. Louis offers a great way of life!

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Fun For The Whole FamilySports at Busch Stadium

Home of the Cardinals

St. Louis is the proud home of the Cardinals Major League Baseball team.  The Cardinals play at Busch Stadium, which was opened in 2006 as a retro-style ballpark.  It seats 46,000 and offers plenty of food and beverage options while watching the game. 

The Cardinals typically begin spring practice in February and play baseball games through September. You can go online to reserve your tickets.

If you are visiting St. Louis when the Cardinals are not playing but want to see Busch stadium, you can take advantage of a stadium tour.  Your tour ticket includes admission to the Museum of Cardinals Nation and the Cardinals Hall of Fame.  Take advantage of a discount at the Official Cardinals Team Store with your tour stub!



Live Music The Blues & Jazz Scene

Embrace the variety of live music in St. Louis


The city of St. Louis is home to a variety of music, but you'll especially enjoy live jazz and Blues.  Listen to live music while eating a meal or enjoying a beer, or head to one of the local parks for a free concert.

Many famous musicians have come from St. Louis, including Chuck Berry, Josephine Baker, Sheryl Crow, and Nelly.  So whether you wish to attend a music concert, hang out in a dance club, or sit back with a bourbon at a jazz club, the St. Louis music scene has it all!



Let's Explore!  Activities In & Around St. Louis

There are so many activities and sites to see in St. Louis:

  • Route 66
  • Breweries
  • Forest Park
  • Magic House
  • St. Louis Zoo
  • St. Louise Wheel
  • St. Louis Aquarium
  • Six Flags Theme Park
  • St. Louis Art Museum
  • St. Louis Science Center
  • National Blues Museum
  • Missouri History Museum


City Life

Housing Stats

The median price of homes is approximately $262,200 (Dec. 2022)

St. Louis offers a variety of home-buying options, including living near the water.  As you search for a home to buy, consider a detached home, semi-detached, townhouse, or condo.  Choose a historic house in Queen Anne style or Renaissance Revival Style, or go modern. Since the average price of homes is elevated, you might consider living just outside of the city to save money.

  • Cost of living (without rent):  $969.70/month
  • Median home price: $262,200
  • Residential property tax:  0.92%



Area Stats

St. Louis is nicknamed Gateway to the West (among others)

St. Louis's nickname Gateway to the West is associated with the Gateway Arch, which pays homage to Thomas Jefferson. Other St. Louis nicknames include Mound City and The Lou.

Take a trip to St. Louis in May, June, October, or September, and you'll enjoy temperatures between 70-85° F.

  • Elevation:  466 feet
  • Land area:  66.17 mi2
  • Approx. population: 2.2 million (2023)
  • Median resident age:  36 years old



Average Income

$70,651 is the average income in St. Louis (but higher-paying jobs abound!)

St. Louis is ranked as one of the most diverse places to live.  Common jobs in the area include registered nurses, retail salespersons, and office clerks. Aviation, biotechnology, financial services, restaurants and food services employ a large percentage of workers in St. Louis.  Here are other common jobs in the area:

  • Registered Nurses
  • Retail Salespersons
  • General & Operations Managers
  • Home Health & Personal Care Aides

Moving to St. Louis, Missouri

Would you like to live in St. Louis?

St. Jouise Offers Big City Living With an Historic Flair

If you would like to live in St. Louis, consider working in one of the largest industries in the area: aviation, biotechnology, or financial services. Restaurant and food services also employ many professionals in the area.

If you're interested in moving to St. Louis, you can choose from a variety of home styles and neighborhoods, and you can even live near the water.  Reach out to a real estate agent today to find your perfect home.  

  • Single-Family Homes
  • Condos, Townhouses
  • Semi-Detached
  • Highrises