Want a New, Affordable Home? Go Modular

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Want a New, Affordable Home? Go Modular

If you're looking for a new home, you might consider a modular home. A brand new modular home can be completed in a matter of 1-2 months compared to 6-12 months to build a home on-site, from the ground up, depending on the size (think design, permits, inspections...).

Modular homes are pre-built (pre-fabricated) in a factory then delivered to your property and assembled by a builder. They are placed on permanent foundations, unlike manufactured homes, and they must meet strict city and state codes. Also, because they're pre-built in a climate-controlled setting, the structure doesn't get exposed to undesirable weather conditions like wind and rain which slow down traditional, site-built construction.

There are many benefits to purchasing a modular home. Not only is quick to build this type of home, it's typically more affordable than the same size site-built house. Some are constructed with structural insulated panels (SIPS) which eliminate many problems associated with traditional wood studded walls (ex. termite damage). Once assembled, one of these homes can become the most beautiful home in the neighborhood.

  • Affordable
  • Structural insulated wall panels (SIPS)
  • Energy-efficient, smart-home options
  • Custom upgrades (ex. light fixtures and finishes)
  • Delivered pre-built for quick set-up
  • Helps solve housing shortage issue

Other important considerations when deciding whether or not to buy a modular home include dealing with state and local building requirements. You may find that you cannot put a modular home on your property due to certain government restrictions. For instance, zoning in some neighborhoods restricts modular homes from being placed on residential lots. Before buying a lot or demolishing an old home to place a modular on it, find out about local government requirements and building codes.

  • State and local government restrictions
  • Local building code requirements
  • Upgrades = longer construction process
  • Must pour a foundation before the home arrives
  • Local contractors must be available to complete the home on-site

As you can see there are pros and cons to purchasing a new modular home. If you want a quick affordable way to buy a new home, a modular home might be the perfect fit. Talk to the company that builds the home to determine if your lot meets the local building codes and government restrictions. Once you've met the local requirements, you could be moving into a new home in as little as 1-2 months. Modular homes could even help with the housing shortage, growing communities at a faster rate. Contact local modular companies and soon you'll be on your way to owning a new home!

Janelle D.

I've worked in the real estate sector for more than a decade and enjoy sharing my knowledge on the subject and researching the latest trends. In my free time I like to craft, spend time with my family and dog, participate in outdoor activities like hiking, and I'm passionate about photography.

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