What Does a Real Estate Agent Do to Market My Home?

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What Does a Real Estate Agent Do to Market My Home?

You've talked to a real estate agent about selling your home, and they mention using a marketing plan designed to give your house plenty of exposure. What exactly does a real estate agent do to market a home for sale? Let's take a look at the many ways real estate agents create a buzz to promote the sale of your home.

Experienced real estate agents have worked for years to create an effective, proven marketing plan to give homes the maximum amount of exposure and help find the right buyer. They have kept up with the latest marketing trends (ex. social media) and perfected tried-and-true tactics. Take a look at this list to get a better idea of the amount of work that goes into marketing a home.

  • Determining a strategic, competitive price which reflects current market value and price trends
  • Making recommendations for home improvements which will boost buyer appeal and the overall value of your home
  • Staging recommendations. This might include minimizing clutter, new paint, or even bringing in a professional stager with new furniture and accessories
  • Hiring a professional real estate photographer to take photos that will attract the attention of buyers
  • Posting your home on the MLS with professional photos
  • Including your home on a broker's tour/open house plus follow-up calls to see if anyone has a potential buyer
  • Advertising your home on real estate internet sites to increase visibility. This might include 100's of site, promoting your home 24/7
  • Signage: for sale, open house, sign rider with text code ("text for info")
  • Property flyers for the flyer box in front of your property: includes photos, description of home, price, agent contact info, etc.
  • Social media advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter):  "for sale" ads, "coming soon" announcement, "new listing" post, slideshow of photos, live broadcast from the house (ex. walk-through), etc.
  • Open house advertising: posted on social media (standard post as well as a live post), websites, email blast to perspective buyers in their database, postcards sent to your neighborhood.
  • Featuring your home on their personal and agency websites
  • Adding your home to their blog as a upcoming, new or featured listing
  • Contacting other agents who specialize in selling homes like yours in the same area
  • Continually prospect for buyers
  • Updating your listing when updates have been made to your home, price changes, new photos

As you can see, a lot of work goes into marketing a house for sale. Many of the marketing tactics are ongoing. For example, your house may be posted on social media multiple times per day for weeks. Instagram stories may feature a newly remodeled room in your house, announce an upcoming open house or show off professional staging. Some agents have the luxury of a social media marketing assistant who continually advertises to a demographic most likely to be interested in buying a home like yours. 

The amount of marketing an experienced agent provides is more than most could ever imagine, and it would be extremely difficult to accomplish this level of advertising on your own. The next time you question what your real estate agent is going to do to market your home, refer to this article and share it with your friends. The more experience your agent has in marketing, the more exposure your home will get. When the time comes to sell your home, ask to see your agent's marketing plan and, if it's a good one, get on board!

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