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4 Ways to Take Care of Yourself in a Time of Uncertainty

By | on 24, Mar 2020 |

During the coronavirus pandemic, many of us become overwhelmed with uncertainty. What will happen to us as a country? What if my elderly parents get sick? I live alone; who will take care of me if I g[...]

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4 Ways to Save on Your Energy Bill While Working From Home

By | on 02, Apr 2020 |   Buying Selling Financing

Many of us are working from home or staying at home with our kids because of the coronavirus, and that can mean a higher energy bill. As we shelter-in-place, we are going to consume more energy in the[...]

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Selling Your Home? Declutter with Spring Cleaning

By | on 10, Apr 2020 |   Selling

Spring cleaning is not only a great way to clean your house after a long winter but to declutter as well. If you plan on selling your house, getting rid of unused and forgotten possessions will mean l[...]

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Home Selling Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

By | on 22, Apr 2020 |   Selling

If your home is on the market and you've managed to get it under contract, congratulations! During this challenging time, the road to closing may look different but knowing what to expect can help all[...]

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Purchasing New Construction During a Pandemic

By | on 23, Apr 2020 |   Buying

For those looking to buy a home during or after the COVID-19 pandemic, new construction may be one of the best options. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Secu[...]

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Outdoor Spring Home Maintenance Tips For a Lasting Impression

By | on 27, Apr 2020 |   Selling

Spring is a great time to tackle yard and exterior home maintenance.  Not only will you enjoy the look of your home more, but you'll tackle important maintenance like clearing clogged rain gutters.  S[...]

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Can’t Find a House to Buy? The Silver Tsunami May Save the Day

By | on 04, May 2020 |   Buying

  You’ve saved for a down payment but cannot find a house to buy. What are you supposed to do now? A  housing solution is beginning to surface and you just need to ride the wave... The Silver Tsunami [...]

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Does It Pay To Shop Around For a Mortgage When Buying a House? YES!

By | on 13, May 2020 |   Buying

When you’re thinking about buying a house and you need a mortgage, you might want to do some comparison shopping. Why? Because you could save tens of thousands of dollars. That’s right -- imagine savi[...]

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Home Buyers Prepare to Buy While Staying At Home

By | on 18, May 2020 |   Buying

Despite the fact that many of us are still isolating at home due to the coronavirus, now is a good time to gather the documents you'll need as you prepare to buy a house.  By taking time to do the nec[...]

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Home Office Desk Trends

By | on 26, May 2020 |   Buying Selling

Working from home leads to creating a space that reflects your personality and that includes a desk that fits your style. Whether you like simply, classic, flashy or modern, there's a desk styles avai[...]

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