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3 Critical Tips for Converting Your Real Estate Leads

Have you ever made plans with a friend, dressed up, and put more effort into your hair, only to get ghosted? It's like biting into a jelly-filled donut only to find out there's no jelly. Argh! When you're reaching out to your real estate leads, getting ghosted is disappointing and frustrating. I've got good news! You can lessen the likelihood of getting ghosted by your leads by following the three tips in this article. Let's get started.


Easy as 1, 2, 3!

  • Speed to lead (Amazon!) 
  • Offer value
  • Change your approach




1. Speed to Lead


Ok, I know you've heard that speed to lead is one of the most critical ways of converting real estate leads. So, why aren't you doing it? Think the lead can wait? They can't. You need to respond like an Amazon fulfillment center! Yep, that's what leads expect in this time of instant gratification.


What happens when you call the lead, and they don't pick up? You can approach the follow-up in a few different ways:


  1. Call them back immediately after the first call (curiosity wins!)
  2. Call them 2 more times on the same day
  3. Send them a 30-second video introducing yourself and sharing value


Persistence pays off when you're trying to connect with a lead. If the lead doesn't answer your call, immediately call them again. Sometimes they'll pick up the call just out of curiosity. If they don't pick up, call them later in the day. They may have been at work when they came across your listing and couldn't pick up the call. Later in the day, the lead may be available to talk.


Call your lead and if they don't pick up, call them again immediately. Back-to-back calls may make the lead curious enough to pick up the second call.


Sending the lead a short video to introduce yourself adds a personal touch when you can't talk to them over the phone. A text message or email without a video doesn't humanize you, reducing the chance of gaining traction with the lead. When your real estate lead can see and hear you, they're more likely to pick up the phone when you call them in the future.




2. Offer Value


What exactly does "offer value" to your real estate leads mean? A LOT. It's an essential fundamental of converting leads. Educate them about a valuable real estate topic, and they'll engage more.


On the first phone call to your lead, you probably introduce yourself, ask if they are interested in buying or selling a house, if they're qualified for a mortgage, how many bedrooms/bathrooms, etc. This dialogue sounds familiar, doesn't it? This type of initial conversation with a lead is typical but out-of-date. Today's real estate leads can smell a sales pitch as quickly as fresh popcorn at the movie theater. Stop doing that (not the popcorn).  


Reduce the pressure leads typically feel when they talk to real estate agents. Instead of asking what they're looking for in a house, if they're qualified, and which neighborhood they want to live in, focus on being someone who can offer value.  


Focus on being someone who can offer value to your real estate leads.


After introducing yourself, find out if they're interested in buying or selling a home (we'll assume they're a buyer for the sake of this article). Asking how many bedrooms/bathrooms they need isn't creating value for the lead. Instead, start talking about what is prominent in real estate news; interest rates, climbing home prices, inflation.


Your lead will be more engaged when they hear you talking about something of value that they can relate to in today's real estate world. When discussing high-interest rates, share something they may not know, like home sellers being willing to buy down some concessions. Give the lead some history on interest rates and how they can ebb and flow in their favor over time. That's creating value for your real estate leads.




3. Change Your Approach


When you're talking to your lead and sharing valuable information, as I mentioned above, consider how you could engage them even further by changing your approach. Think more long-term, especially if the lead is interested in your conversation. Could you expand your conversation about high-interest rates to invite them to a virtual class you're offering next week on the same topic (create one on the spot if you have to)?


"I'm offering a short virtual webinar on the same topic later next week. Do you want me to send you an invitation? Great! What's the best email address for you?"


This approach to real estate leads provides more traction and engagement. The lead is likelier to answer your next call or respond to a text or email. When you change your approach, the lead will feel like they've got a real estate resource vs. a salesperson on the other end of the phone. That's a win!


You've got a sales funnel to fill and to do that, you've got to engage and convert your real estate leads. Find a lead you received today, and please call them now.  You've got this!



For more information on lead nurturing, take a gander at Reazo's comprehensive lead nurturing guide (you'll want to bookmark it):

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Janelle D.

I've worked in the real estate sector for more than a decade and enjoy sharing my knowledge on the subject and researching the latest trends. In my free time I like to craft, spend time with my family and dog, participate in outdoor activities like hiking, and I'm passionate about photography.

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