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2 Open House Tricks That Generate Seller Leads

You say you're hosting an open house this weekend and want to generate home seller leads. We've got you covered! I listened to a SocialCon webinar with Rachel from The Rachel Adams Lee Group who shared a fantastic script to use in advance of your open house to generate more customers.


When you want to generate more home seller leads, start door knocking in the open house neighborhood the day before the open house. Yes, door knocking. It's been a while.  


Rachel has had great success using the following real estate door knocking script to engage homeowners before an open house:


"Hi, my name is ______ with [agency]. I just wanted to stop by to give you a little courtesy notice. There's going to be a little bit more traffic than normal in your neighborhood tomorrow, Saturday, from 12-4 because we're doing an open house. Yeah, your neighbors just listed their house with us, [agency], and it's listed for $25,000 more than they thought it would go for, which is really exciting for them and good news for you. So, I just wanted to stop by and give you a little courtesy visit and let you know there's going to be a little bit of extra traffic in the neighborhood."* (Edit anything that doesn't pertain to the house you're selling.)


Here comes the tricky but doable part. STOP TALKING AND LISTEN.


The homeowner's response may be "thank you," or, better yet, they may show interest in learning the price of their home. If the homeowner comments on the selling price of their neighbor's house, mention how people are getting more for their houses than they thought they could (or whatever the state of the housing market). Look for opportunities to provide the homeowner with a free CMA. Focus on serving the homeowner without pressure to gain a client. 


"Many people are netting more than they thought they could when selling their houses. If you're looking to upsize, downsize, or whatever, I'd be happy to help you. No pressure, of course." 


Rachel encourages real estate agents to be passive when door knocking and replying to homeowners. In other words, avoid coming across as a pushy salesperson ("are you wanting to sell your home?").


Want more door-knocking success that generates new customers? Rachel shared another valuable tip to get more engagement from homeowners -- hand out a 2-sided flyer. One side of the flyer features recently sold homes, and the other side features something of value (ex., neighborhood events). The high-quality flyer is branded on both sides and will make a lasting impression on homeowners. An 8x10 flyer will not be misplaced like a small business card.



Another option, if you're doing an open house around the holidays, is to hand out your holiday greeting card when door knocking.  Rett Harmon, Century 21, creates 4 funny, eye-catching, 1-sided postcards to send to clients each year.  Rett's holiday cards are typically 4x6" or 5x7", entertaining and creative, and feature his staff and contact information.  This guy has a sense of humor and loves loud, graphic jackets.  You've got to check him out on Instagram!  When door knocking before an open house, hand out real estate information in the form of a holiday card or high-quality door-knocking flyer vs. a business card; it's more engaging and less likely to be misplaced.



Rett Harmon, Century 21, Instagram


Use your open houses to generate more home seller leads using these door-knocking tips, and you'll be on your way to a growing real estate sales funnel.  Happy home selling!


*Quotes and images are from The Rachel Adams Lee Group and can be accessed online.

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