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6 Success Tips For New Real Estate Agents

Learning from the best in real estate is the ideal way to accelerate the beginning of your career.  Let’s look at what a variety of experts have to say about starting out in real estate so you can grow your business quickly and have a long, successful career.  


Professional Mindset


Mike Ferry, from The Mike Ferry Organization, believes in developing the mindset of a professional salesperson, something you should work on every day.  Mike also wants you to know that prospecting is a major part of becoming a successful real estate agent.  When you nail these two pieces of advice, your real estate career will soar.



The Most Talented Agent


Jimmy Mackin, CEO of Curaytor, reminds us that you’re defined by the first few months of your real estate career.  He suggests finding the most talented real estate agent in your area and convincing them to hire you.  Your career will progress much faster if you learn from one of the best, most reputable agents.



Gift of Gab


Make yourself practice talking to people, to anyone.  Talk to your new neighbor, the person behind you at the grocery store, the group beside you at the baseball game, etc.  If you’re uncomfortable talking to strangers, you must step out of your comfort zone.  Practice getting comfortable with conversation anytime and anywhere.  Overcome self-doubt and feel secure knowing that you passed the real estate exam, and you can become just as successful as the most successful real estate agents, but you must talk to new people.




Take advantage of the free training and mentoring your real estate brokerage offers.  As an entrepreneur, make investing in yourself a priority.  Read self-improvement books, attend business seminars, study real estate leaders and their strategies for success, and consider hiring a real estate coach.  Lastly, take advantage of free educational opportunities through your local real estate association.






Jimmy Burgess, Chief Growth Officer at Berkshire Hathaway BPFLA, has excellent advice for adding discipline to your day to grow your real estate business.  He suggests adding at least one person to your database every day.  How is that possible?  Get out and meet more people (refer to the “Gift of Gab” above).  






Jimmy also suggests sending a personalized property to one or more people daily. For example, when you see a property on your hot sheet that might interest a buyer, share it with them. “I saw this property and thought of you. Let me know if you have any questions.” When you see a home go under contract, let sellers know about it. “This property recently went under contract in your area and might affect the value of your home. Please reach out with any questions.” Great advice for generating more client satisfaction and business. For more tips from Jimmy, check out his video.




As a new real estate agent, there are many tactics you can take advantage of to accelerate your real estate career. Consider tackling at least two of the suggestions in this article, then gradually add the others. Soon you'll be one of the most preferred agents in your area.


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I've worked in the real estate sector for more than a decade and enjoy sharing my knowledge on the subject and researching the latest trends. In my free time I like to craft, spend time with my family and dog, participate in outdoor activities like hiking, and I'm passionate about photography.

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