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Greater Connect With Gen Z Through New App

Want to connect with more Gen Z leads and nurture them on their terms?  Gen Z-ers are using an app that you may have never heard of, but it could help you grow your client base.  Here are some facts about the app and how it can help you engage Gen Z-ers.



Have you heard of the BeReal. app? Your Gen Z kids probably use it. Recently, I learned quite a bit about this 5-star app, and I'd like to share how it can empower you to connect with more potential Gen Z homebuyers.


BeReal. app:

5-star review

5-star app

315% YoY daily download growth!!!


According to the App Store, BeReal is one of the simplest photo-sharing apps. Once a day on the app, a user might post a photo challenge or ask friends to post where they are. Once their photo is shared to friends, the recipients have 2 minutes to post a related photo as a timer ticks away on the screen. When a picture's taken in the app, the image in front of you is captured along with a picture of yourself or whatever your front camera faces (see image above). Then, everyone will see a feed with all of the photos taken by friends. Users can comment on the pictures and share emoji reactions.


So, why is the BeReal. app so appealing to Gen Z? It's like playing a game and connecting with friends through one common theme. The app makes Gen Z users feel like they are in the action and connected with friends. BeReal. also satisfies Gen Z's need for instant gratification.


According to Statista, Gen Z is increasingly entering the housing market, with 21% planning to buy a house.  With a Gen Z population of 65 Million, that's 13,650,000 Gen Z-ers who will be looking to purchase homes.


Why should you care about this app and the habits of the Gen Z-ers using it? Because it gives you insights into what's important to the Gen Z generation, and you can use the information to market to them. Start by looking at what they're taking pictures of and how it relates to real estate.


  • Favorite house in your neighborhood
  • Best looking patio 
  • Neighborhood point of view


Let's say BeReal. app users are posting favorite houses in their neighborhood. Consider how you could match this information in your social media posts to draw more attention from Gen Z-ers.  Here's a scenario worth trying:


"I asked four people to take a picture of their favorite house in their neighborhood. Here are the results:"


BeReal_4_Ex  BeReal_2_Ex  BeReal_1_Ex  BeReal_3_Ex

4 very different houses from 4 very different people.


Notice how I've added a headshot (selfie) to the top left corner of each image (you can create them in image editing software or Google Slides).  Gen Z-ers are likely to take notice because your images look similar to BeReal. photo formats.  Ask your audience to vote for their favorite house or add an image in the comments -- great for consumer engagement!


The BeReal. app provides a window into the social media habits of Gen Z.  Use the app to deliver relevant and engaging information to Gen Z in this chapter of their life.  Once Gen Z sees that you understand what they care about, you will start connecting with them.  Check out the BeReal. app, and use the posts as a guide when creating educational, trustworthy, fun, and appealing content for Gen Z-ers.


Janelle D.

I've worked in the real estate sector for more than a decade and enjoy sharing my knowledge on the subject and researching the latest trends. In my free time I like to craft, spend time with my family and dog, participate in outdoor activities like hiking, and I'm passionate about photography.

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